Do not lose them!

Life, no matter how difficult and how rigid it is, an individual always manages to get through it. Quote (4)

Since the day you were born, you were brought up by people who genuinely loved you and cared about you. They  educated you. They supported you and hugged you in your difficult times.  They even slapped you when you went on the wrong path. Yes! I am indicating your parents. No one can adore the way they adore you because there is something in their love which can not be put into words. They loved you, they love you and they will always love you no matter what. My mom, during her educational era, was the brightest student and she used to top mostly. Unfortunately,she had to quit her studies due to her marriage. Now she wants me to study hard so that i could achieve what she couldn’t. On the other hand, my dad always tells me “Whatever you choose to do in your life, do complete it.”  Keeping these in my mind, i am looking forward to make them proud. I love my parents very much because no one can love the way they do. Do not lose them.

In your life, you would meet a lot of people other than your parents. You would find some of them as mean, irritating, annoying, mean  and the list goes on. However, you would also interact with the people who would be genuine, sweet, crazy and amazing. It doesn’t matter how bad things go, they would always have your back. They won’t leave you in your difficult times because they care about you. There would be times when you will misunderstand them or the other way round. You need to take the lead and apologize. If not now, then when?

The people who genuinely care are the ones who really do! Keep spreading smiles and pepper up some mixed amount of happiness and craziness with your loved ones.
Do not lose them!

| Jaliawala.


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