The Longest Jump!

In lifewe always get to learn something and that something can be anything. In fact, we keep on learning till the day we die. I think life is similar to a road with free opportunities that never ends and you need to jump from one opportunity to another in order to move on.

I can clearly remember how stupid, dumb and idiot I was, when I was in Grade 9. I had no sense of life and I did a hundred other things that made me look stupid which I can not express on my blog. I still thought I was the best. My cousin and I, were in the similar situation. Moreover,  we randomly planned to attend a motivational public speaking conference. To be very very honest, at that particular time we were not even aware of the word “Motivation“.  Well, that conference literally forced us to think and we began to know who we were. It’s not like we changed in a day. It took us a lot of time and still I believe I m not perfect but yes I am better than who I used to. Hence, we kept on experiencing different stages of life. I still remember it took us more than two months to figure out what career do we need to choose. You would be amazed to know that at first we both wanted to be a public speaker and we wanted to be FAMOUS. We had a limited thinking and we had no passion. Later on, our thinking began to expand and we found out what we really loved to do. My cousin wanted to be an Actor and I wanted to be an Architect.

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Currently, we both are studying for are respected fields. For us, the conference was an opportunity to work on ourselves. It can come in numerous ways and it is going to affect you and your life.This was the longest jump I ever had and in order to jump you need to prepare yourself. Hence, a question still exists. Have you ever jumped so long?

I am looking forward for more jumps in order to become an Architect. Till then spread love and respect the people around you. Be sweet and do not forget to pepper smiles on the faces of your loved ones!

| Jaliawala.


16 thoughts on “The Longest Jump!

  1. Well written! Glad to know you found out what you want to do and that you’re working hard to achieve your goal. Goodluckk.
    Keep up the pace and you’ll do wonders! ☺️

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  2. This one’s amazing!!! Glad you found out what you loved to do and at the same time motivating others to do the same. Keep radiating life, smiles and positivity 🙂


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