The Unexpected struggles!

What does it mean to struggle? Do we really expect the struggles to take place in our life? Is struggle an important part of our life? YES! it is. To struggle is to want something so badly that you are willing to work so hard and do everything to get through it but at times you do not achieve what you expect. LIFE IS UNFAIR.

Somewhere in our mind, we are always expecting something, someone and a lot more. We have been a bit dramatic by assuming every single thing. We take things for granted. If we talk about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Muhammad Ali, they all struggled through their life to be successful and we can not be great by following. They were great because they did what no one else did and we can’t be great by doing why they did. We continuously lie to ourselves. If we talk about love, what do we mostly expect? Somewhere along the lines we know how to impress and express our love and that’s because we have seen it somewhere. Maybe in a movie or maybe in a book.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out to what we expect every time. Every individual has a different story and in this big picture of struggles we mislead all the UNEXPECTED STRUGGLES which takes place in our lives. 10750307_398387550325671_8679949309983124543_o

When it comes to UNEXPECTED STRUGGLES, we give up so easily. It’s because it never happened before. We never saw it in any movie or did not read about it in any book and that is the point where we lose hope and then the period of depression starts. It is said: Do not tell your GOD how big the storm is ( I can not do it) Do not tell your GOD how big  the storm is ( I am the one who always suffers) Do not tell your GOD how big is the storm is ( It was not the right time) INSTEAD TELL THE STORM HOW BIG THE GOD (ALLAH) IS.

Without struggle, there is never any progress. To struggle is to live, to love and a lot more. You can expect it to be in a certain way. The habit of expectation is fabricated in our lives and guess what we can continue it by expecting the unexpected!

Good luck! Also spread love and respect the people around you. Be sweet and do not forget to pepper some amount of smiles and happiness on  your loved ones!

| Jaliawala.


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