The Choice is YOURS!

Lately, we have been confronted by the people around us. We have created imaginary boundaries which we can not cross or jump over. Somewhere along the lines we have become so lazy, selfish, egoistic and arrogant that we forget our sole purpose in this goddamn world! I want you to be very very honest and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you spend more time trying to please yourself or to satisfy others?
  • Do you invest time in self-development, or are you happy as you are?
  • Do you measure success by what you give to others or expect from them in return?
    The purpose of these questions are not to undermine you but to get you into thinking something. Who are you to have that sort of ego and arrogance? For now you are everything and once you die you are nothing! Your identity changes to just a BODY as soon as your life is gone. Meaning who you actually are is weightless. It’s your soul what defines you. I have been mentioning to work on yourself and to be more clear to work on your soul. Its good to work on your body and that’s where the CHOICE IS YOURS!!

Lets talk about sharing knowledge. Why are we so insecure for sharing our knowledge and ideas? What stops us? Do you think holding everything we know would hold our position. Imagine that you are climbing a ladder and there are people beneath you and you try to hold them. However, holding them doesn’t lead you ahead. Its stops you where you are! You can either get on hold or flow like water, the CHOICE IS YOURS!!


There are a lot of discussions about changing the world and changing people. However, the question is can you change them? Think about it. Change doesn’t come by others but it comes from within yourself. Are you ready to change yourself?

“I think you don’t consider me as important”,”You don’t have enough time for me”, “Do I include in everyone?”,”Make me your priority.”

Imagine a love for a bird. We buy the best cage for the bird and feed it with the best seeds but interestingly that’s not a bird wants. As soon as the bird would find the cage open, its gonna fly away! That’s how we intend to show love but is this how is should be? True love is setting FREEEEEE! Your love should not be a cage on someone and someone’s love should not be a cage on YOU! I believe there is no such PRIORITY thing in love among all the people who are important. However, you can either cage your beloved ones or set them free. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!


With the above circumstances, there are always choices. For now there might be a difference in opinion but we need to remove this selfishness and stupid arrogance. There might be people who tend to be very open but this is on a general note! There is a lot much ahead in life instead of these small stupid queries and actions. Its is long road and the drive is yours! It all depends on which direction you drive and what examples you set for the people around you. Don’t forget to respect your elders and teachers. Spread smiles and happiness!

For all the people who are reading this and some of you might act cool enough not to accept your mistakes but there is a choice to take a smooth turn and the CHOICE IS YOURS!



28 thoughts on “The Choice is YOURS!

  1. sharing knowledge, the only question that I have, do we need really to share anything with anyone .. I mean for me sometimes I am facing people really they are even not carrying for anything so do I need to share anything with them … and is it called selfishness? ..

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    1. Alia, I really like your questions and I would love to answer it. The thing is you share things with someone who is need of it or whom you know. Moreover, someone told me that never expect anything from someone. Once someone will see your efforts and appreciate! If you help someone, it doesn’t have to get you something in return! A time will come when someone will help you too πŸ™‚

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