The Unfair World!

Previously, I have been writing about how beautiful life is and how everyone goes through it with their own choices and actions. It seems very easy to read and hear how beautiful and amazing it is which I still believe is true but somewhere along the lines we have been hearing, reading and of course […]

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The Choice is YOURS!

Lately, we have been confronted by the people around us. We have created imaginary boundaries which we can not cross or jump over. Somewhere along the lines we have become so lazy, selfish, egoistic and arrogant that we forget our sole purpose in this goddamn world! I want you to be very very honest and […]

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The Unexpected struggles!

What does it mean to struggle? Do we really expect the struggles to take place in our life? Is struggle an important part of our life? YES! it is. To struggle is to want something so badly that you are willing to work so hard and do everything to get through it but at times you do […]

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The Longest Jump!

In life, we always get to learn something and that something can be anything. In fact, we keep on learning till the day we die. I think life is similar to a road with free opportunities that never ends and you need to jump from one opportunity to another in order to move on. I can clearly […]

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Do not lose them!

Life, no matter how difficult and how rigid it is, an individual always manages to get through it. Since the day you were born, you were brought up by people who genuinely loved you and cared about you. They  educated you. They supported you and hugged you in your difficult times.  They even slapped you when […]

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